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Saturday, September 22, 2012

SBI Recruitment - 19000 Clerks and 1000 PO Jobs to be announced Soon

SBI (State Bank of India) is the country's largest bank and is set to announce huge clerical and PO Staff vacancies in the year to come. It is something to cheer about for the bank jobs seekers as having a job in SBI is always considered a big pleasure.

SBI Is currently conducting interviews for its clerical and Stenographers recruitment 2012 and will soon announce final results for it.

20000 Positions to be filled in one year:-
As per a report on Businessline, SBI is looking to recruit 19,000 clerks and 1,000 officers in next one year. SBI currently has 80,329 officers and 95,018 clerks on its rolls in June, 2012.
Mr. A. Krishna Kumar, Managing Director and Group Executive (National Banking), said that SBI will soon open about 1200 new branches and new recruits will serve these branches majority of which will be in Metro/Urban Areas. As clerical staff is less in many branches majority of new vacancies will belong to clerical cadre.

35% to retire in 5 Years :-
Mr. A. Krishna Kumar said that vacancies will continue to arise in future as 35-40% (About 80000) employees are set to retire in next 5 years. So, new people will be needed to replace these people and also to serve newly opened branches.

1000 PO recruitment to be announced soon:-
According to sources, SBI will soon announce 1000 PO Vacancies. As far as clerical vacancies are concerned, they may take some time as they can be announced only after finishing the currently ongoing clerical recruitment process for which Interviews are being conducted currently. So clerical notification is expected to arrive in Late 2012 (Dec - Jan).

However, PO vacancies are on road to be announced and its something to cheer for the aspirants that have complaints with the current recruitment process. SBI has been and always will be the largest job creator in banking sector in India.
We have an eye on the same and will post here as soon as any info is available about new vacancies. So, Gear up for this opportunity!!

We wish you All The Best!!!

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