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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to minimise negative marks in Bank Exams

Negative marking is a buzzword in almost every competitive exam these days. We receive so many E-mails from readers asking if there is any provision of negative marking in the exam they are interested in, and if it is then how to minimise these negative marks. So we decided to compile an article to help our readers learn how to minimise negative marks in Bank exams.
Negative marks are awarded when any wrong answer is ticked off out of severe options available for any question. Negative marks are part of almost every competitive exam to make sure that majority of unprepared candidates are filtered out in the first phase itself. So, negative marks are integral part of every bank exam and they are unavoidable if proper planning is not done to minimise them. Below are some helpful tips to make sure you do not get penalty with too many negative marks.

 First of all, Don't guess Blindly, We've met so many people that believe they are very good at guessing and they rely upon it for getting through these exams (as they say it!!). But trust us it just doesn't work. Never guess blindly until you are very sure of the answer otherwise you'll end up not being shortlisted for the next phase. It happens to so many people so don't let it happen to you.
However, we support you to take some calculated risks in case when you are not sure of majority of questions in a particular section. In such a case, if you do not take calculated risks than you will not cross the threshold for that section, This will get you eliminated straight away without leaving any hope. you have to make sure that you attempt at least 70% questions in every section.
Take calculated risks by analyzing the answers and mark the one you think is the closest to the right answer. in such a case, if you mark 10 as calculatingly guessed ones,then we're sure you will get at least 5 correct. If there are 3 marks for a right answer and 1 negative mark for wrong,then you will earn (5*3)-5 = 10 Marks which are very precious in these exams. So take risks when you are not sure of many questions in any section. Otherwise you'll loose the battle straight away without having to wait for the result. Practice always pays off, so practice this approach and you will see your hitting rate improve overtime.
Make proper notes to memorize important terms, formulas and tricks that you may have derived during your practices. They help a lot at the time of execution in the exam hall as due to lack of time it's almost impossible to think of any new techniques to solve those questions.

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