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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Prepare Quantitative aptitude and Numerical ability for Bank Exams

Quantitative aptitude or Numerical ability form one section of bank exams out of Four (General awareness, General English, Reasoning ability andany one of Quantitative aptitude/Numerical ability). Quantitative aptitude normally comes in exams for higher level posts (For example, Officers Scale-II and higher, Probationary Officers etc), While Numerical ability is generally a part of Clerical level exams.

Quantitative Aptitude Contains a wide variety of questions from the topics Listed Below :-
  •  Questions on Numerical calculations including Averages, Percentages, multiplication, division, square roots, A.P, G.P. H.P. etc.
  • Questions on Simple and Compound Interest, Profit/loss etc.
  • Questions on Work to Time relations eg. If 3 people for some work in 5 days then how much time will 7 people take.
  • Another important and easy part of Quantitative aptitude paper is Data Interpretation(DI) questions. These questions are graphical analysis based.
  • Occasionally , there may also be some questions from Basic Co-ordinate geometry(Lines and circles), Mensuration etc.
Questions in quantitative aptitude are not very tough, the only thing needed is practice so that you'll realise how to manage time by Switching between questions by leaving time taking questions for the end. The DI (Data Interpretation) questions are easy so they must be done firstly while thecompound interest questions take some time so they must be left to be done in the end of the section.
 Numerical ability is also similar to Quantitative aptitude but it contains only numerical questions as the name suggests so it is relatively easier to prepare so it normally is a part of clerical level exams while QA is put in the exams for relatively higher posts such as officers in Scale - II and higher and PO (Probationary officers) exams. 
By firm practice, you'll get good at switching between questions and save time which is the deciding factor in such exams.

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