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Monday, April 16, 2012

Career in Telecom Sector a Robust Growth in Coming Years

India being one of the largest players in Telecom sector globally is expected to witness a robust growth in coming years. The recent reforms lays much stress on competitiveness of the business, which calls for skilled and experienced personnel in this sector that offers ascendancy to build career in Telecom Sector. Telecommunications have revolutionized many areas that integrate the growth prospects of the economy. The telecommunications industry has got potential to expand vastly and offers a range of career possibilities on both the software and components methodologies such as hardware and also back-end services that are assimilated with telecom. There is a huge demand for qualified and experienced professionals with knowledge and technical know-how in these job areas which has been quite remarkable, with so many new gamers coming into the industry and existent gamers broadening functions.
Telecom SectorEligibility: B.Tech/B.E or M.Tech in Telecom Engineering/ I.T/Computer Science, Diplomas or certifications by premiere institutes, Hardware Engineering, Network Engineering, Graduation or Post-Graduation (Non-Technical Services) and based upon the area of operation it varies.
Types of jobs that can be seen in Telecom Sector is:
  • Telecom Engineer
  • Customer Care Executive
  • Technical Officers
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Application Analysts
  • Sales Personnel
  • Tele calling executives
As the industry provides with plethora of opportunities in multitude of disciplinary areas, it drags the fresher’s to start their career in telecom with tremendous possibilities to explore. The telecom sector in India has been one of the biggest businesses in the last few years, and would still face the crunch of talent in the near future which presses to get the right talent that offers a well-established career in telecom sector. Apart from the demand that exists for telecom professionals the industry also shown a remarkable progress in managing the business prospects despite of resurgence of the global economy and augmentation of new challenges in the overall business environment. The versatility of telecom to serve all other sector makes it ever-growing prospects and makes it one of the best options to start a career with. Telecom industry in India besides paying good salary, demands better decision making, experience, expertise in the domain and a touch of soft skills to deal with day-to-day methodologies of running business. To equip the students with necessary skills and competencies BSNL along with Faith InfoTech Academy has started a four month fulltime integrated programme in fundamentals of Telecom Technology and the conventional technologies like GSM and CDMA and advancing to the latest technologies like 3G, WiMAX, Broadband, MPLS VPN and Next Generation Networks, which helps to easily capture the talent to absorb into competitive Indian Telecom sector providing more telecom jobs in the country.

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