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Monday, April 16, 2012

Career in Tourism Management

Since the times of first civilization that existed in India, India stood rich in its natural beauty which is a place of youngest mountain chain, The Himalayas and also caves, monuments that attracted several foreigners and local people to enjoy the natural frantic paving path to increased tourism activities. However,choosing career in Tourism Management is not only enthralling, but also a challenging career due to the challenges and peculiarities it throws in the career path. Tourism management in India has a wide potential due to increasing opportunities and number of visitors to India in recent times with the spread of diversified tourism options. The following are few types of tourism where a candidate can choose to work for:
  • tourism managementMedical Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Spiritual Tourism
  • Ecological Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • General Tourism
With the interest, attitude towards the job along with skills and qualification, one can choose any of the above tourism circuit to work with. Tourism goes hand-in-hand with travel also, so the co-ordination and passion to work as a team with travel agents and the individual interest to make mark of their own in tourism management is the prime matter of success. Tourism Management is one of the Best Careers of this Generation.
Eligibility: Diploma or P.G.Diploma or Degree in Tourism Management or Travel Management or Hospitality Management will do better. Sometimes it demands technical qualification such as Air Ticketing or Airline Management, or Travel Management.
Qualification is merely a ticket of entry into the field of Tourism Jobs, which in recent times have turned into a professional wing in managing multiple tasks of Tourism and Travel. Several opportunities open gate to build a career in Tourism Management in India, due to recent trends into medical tourism and other areas of exploration. Many designations as per skills and qualification are branched out in Tourism Management, those are:
  • Travel Agents
  • Ticketing Officers
  • Tour Guides
  • Tourism Promoters
  • Coordinators
  • Hospitality Managers
With sector wise differentiation, many such specialized designations have rooted out due to its complexity to deal. Thus, career in tourism is not only a career to enthrall, but to guide and take serious concern for the customers for whom traveling and reaching the destinations would be effortful without the support of professionally dealing people in the area of travel and tourism.

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