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Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Behave in an Interview - Simple rules that bring Success!!

Interviews are meant to asses one's personality to determine weather or not the candidate is a fit for the job. It's okay if you are not able to answer a few technical questions as they just want to see your approach which will be of utmost importance during the job period. Here we present a few points about dressing, behaving and other tips helpful for success in Interviews.
Before the Interview :-
  • Research :- It is advised to do some research about the company/organisation before the Interview. It reflects during your interview and creates a positive impact on the Interviewer.
  •  Get There Before Time :- You should try to reach the venue well in advance as getting late for the Interview is a sign of Irresponsible nature.
Getting In The Hall:-
  •  Walking In :- Gently walk in and Greet the panel. Sit down straight when asked to sit.
Answering the Questions:-
  • Wait : - Don't hurry in answering the questions to reflect your nervousness. wait until interviewer asks you something.
  •  Be comfortable :- The baseline is to be comfortable. Only then you will be able to present your real self which will let them asses you correctly. It's okay if you don't know an answer, just say it to them gently.
Finishing it Up:-
  • Do not start talking about salary details until they do it And Always say thank you to finish it up. It should not look like you are trying to get rid of it and finish the Interview as soon as possible. Give them enough time to look into you and asses you correctly.
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