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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Crack Bank Interviews - Helpful Tips

We receive so many E-mails from users asking for tips for cracking Bank Interviews. So we decided to create a whole new section by describing best practices for behavioral aspects and answering some of the most common questions asked in Interviews and impress the Interviewers.

After Evolution of the Common Bank exam, the candidates have to give a centralized written exam for all the Main public sector banks. After scoring good in it they will getdirect entry into Interview/GD phases of various Jobs announced by banks participating in the common bank exam scheme. Thus, Interviews should be prepared very well in order to impress the Interviewers and get the job.
Most people use to get nervous in the Interviews and it goes way off the track. Its is a common reason behind not being able to crack through the Interview. However, if prepared well, Interviews are easy and simple to go through. Candidate needs to keep a few points in Mind in order to Impress Interviewers inside the Interview hall. These points are as described Below :-
  • First of all, Be Confident and true, It's the most important requirement in any Interview. They will hire you only when you would prove your suitability and usefulness for them. To do this, you should be confident and true, being too diplomatic won't impress them.
  •  You should keep in mind that the Purpose of Interview is to select you and not to reject you. They know that you are capable of this job as You have already cleared the written test by beating many other competitors. So, the purpose of Interview is to let them have a good look at your real personality. You should formulate your answers in such a way so that they would find you to be useful for them.
These were the basic points to start with, follow below links to explore best practices for various aspects of cracking bank Interviews :-

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