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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to write Effcetive Resume

Good Resume is a very Important factor in all Interviews. Employers often focus upon it to determine candidates' eligibility for the job. So, there has to be a symmetry in the way you are presenting yourself and what you have written in the Resume. If there are some Mismatches found, The candidate is not hired. Remember that the Interviewers are experts in assessing One's personality and to find if the person is a fit for the job or not.

Do's and Dont's for writing effective resume:-
 A good resume has following components,
  • A clearly stated JOB OBJECTIVE.
  • A presentation of directly RELEVANT SKILLS and EXPERIENCE.
  • A chronological WORK HISTORY.
  • A listing of relevant EDUCATION and TRAINING.
  • Have the resume professionally typed and Print the resume on standard letter size(Usually A4 Size).
  • Use short paragraphs not longer than five lines.
  • Rewriting a resume for a specific company is Advised.
  • Do not go too deep about your previous jobs but Include your significant contributions at each one of your Previous jobs(If any).If you are a fresher than mention about your main academic projects and your contribution in them.
  • Give the most space to the jobs that are most relevant to the job you're applying for.


  • Never Show hate about your previous company (Or your Institute if you are a fresher).
  • Never give reasons for your termination or leaving a job.
  • Never describe your hobbies, sports and social activities in more than two lines. Leave them when you are in doubt.
  • Avoid your personal philosophies.
  • Never use exact dates. Months and years are sufficient. Do not include the date your resume was prepared.
  • Never include remarks about your physical appearance or health.
  • Never lie about your achievements, academic record etc.
  • Never try to gain sympathy by describing about your familiar, personal challenges, they will never give you a job. You have to show them you are fit for that job and that's it!
  • Avoiding using too much Bold characters in the Resume.

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