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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Staying in a hostel

Lot of students are forced to stay in hostels to continue their higher education.  Since most of the students stay with their parents up to school education, first of all, they should be mentally prepared to stay in a hostel.
In the initial stages of hostel life as students encounter a completely new atmosphere they are likely to be affected both mentally and emotionally. 
Mental courage is the key factor to manage new and strange conditions like this. If you have learned to get accustomed with hostel life, it could be glorious. Since this experience, staying away from parents not only provides you the subject knowledge but also practical knowledge.
Choosing good friends during hostel life is vital aspect in shaping your future. Diversion from right path will cost you lot in your future. Despite having casual friendship with everyone in the hostel, keep enough distance from bad friends. 
Only good friends can help to avoid loneliness. They should be truly reliable to confide intimacies. 
Good friends and self-discipline are guiding forces of your hostel life, making it a worthy experience.

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